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Empowering Through Innovation

I’m Matt Michaelis, managing partner at Perla Capital Partners.  Thanks for stopping in to learn more about us.

A little about me:

  • Founded Perla Capital Partners in 2010; EMPOWERING THROUGH INNOVATION by building infrastructure and platforms
  • Currently leading Emprise Bank through a DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONto deliver personalized and predictive experiences leading to better financial outcomes for customers
  • Acquired and built teams to support exponential growth in wireless data usage by installing cellular towers and equipment
  • Leverage my experiences to lead and drive positive change in the quality of life of my communities
  • An alum of Salomon Brothers, Greenhill & Co., and Jeffrey Williams
  • An Excel addict, Peloton fanatic and a Kansas Jayhawk at heart


I’m driven to positively impact individuals (real people, not simply society at large) through innovation that improves their daily lives. At my current company, we describe it as “empowering people to thrive”. I focus on the intersection of financial health and quality of life, but also believe in the importance of true community. I accomplish this through leading, advising, investing, contributing and serving. Always with teams that are deeply aligned around the core mission and values. Innovation allows us to leverage technology to effect change at scale. But I’m also committed to personal impact on local communities.

I’m always looking for interesting opportunities to partner and/or invest